058: it's that time again

This seems to happen every single year.

The school year starts and all of a sudden, time disappears like free food at a party.

And then I have to apologize continuously for my inactiveness, etc, etc...

So let's make it simple:

This journal is officially turning into an icon/fanfic journal.
Occasionally, I might update with tidbits of my life, but those instances shall be rare and far-between.

If you still wish to have me as your friend, then by all means, please do, but from now on I give no apologies as to the frequency of my updates. If you don't then this is the time to un-add me--no questions asked.

I, in turn, will un-add you back and there will be no hard feelings (I hope) on either side of the equation.

^^ It's be awesome knowing/speaking to you all, however much or little there was of it, and I really wouldn't be doing this if it hadn't been for the fact that this is my JUNIOR YEAR in highschool, and I have a horrific amount of classes with mountains of classwork.

Thank you all, you have been wonderful. <3

Non-JE Boys Friending Meme~

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